Vida Rust
Vida May Griffin was born June 11, 1933 at her home on a farm about seven miles south of Pittsburg, Texas. My mother died when my twin sister and I were nineteen days old. There were six of us girls that my Daddy put through school. I graduated from Pittsburg High School in 1950 and moved to Houston, Texas. After a failed marriage, I struggled through the next thirteen years of my life.
I stayed in Maine for seven years and moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. I got a job at a truck stop and moved to Waskom, Texas where I met and married Russ. He died in 1962, and I sold the house in Waskom and moved to Elysian Fields next door to my oldest daughter. Then I began working part time for New Hebron Baptist Church. I joined the church in December 1993, but something was missing. On April 9, 1994 I was reading a book on prayer, and God saved me and I gave my heart to Him. That was what I was looking for. My daughter told me that she had been praying for me for 25 years. God does answer prayer in His time.