Leanne Blackmore
Children’s Director
I was born in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky around the end of the Vietnam War. My dad was a Sergeant in the 101 Airborne. Neither of my parents went to church. I was introduced to the Lord by my great grandma, Martin. I remember waiting on the front porch swing with grandma for a lady from church to pick us up every Sunday morning since grandma didn’t drive. Mom would always give me a quarter to help pay for the gas. I remember my first Sunday School teacher, Sister Rosemary. I remember learning Bible stories from a flannel board, singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and believing that He really did. As I grew, I continued to attend church even when grandma got to where she could no longer attend. Sometimes my brothers and sisters would go with me. Mom would drop us off and pick us up. Mom and dad would attend our church programs when we performed in a musical or a play. Other than that, they never attended. I prayed many years for my parent’s salvation.
I married my husband Kenneth Blackmore in 1992. He was in the Army and soon after we were married, he was transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas. My church attendance began to decline. Although I still believed in the Lord, I let the things of the world pull me away. I rarely attended church or read my Bible.
In April 1994 my world changed. My brother was in a horrible accident. At his funeral, a local church reached out to minister to my grieving parents. Through their love and compassion, both my parents gave their life to Christ. This was a very hard time in our lives. Ken and I moved back home in December 1994 to help ease some of the pain. My family was attending the church that had reached out to them, and I went with them. But I was not living for the Lord. However, I was on the pastor’s radar. He would come by the house to have prayer with us, he would show up at my job just to say hello, and he would call and ask me to “swing by” the church on the way home to talk. One Thursday evening in March 1995, I stopped by and rededicated my life to the Lord. I was re-baptized with a new zeal and began working in children’s ministry.
In 2008 we moved to Waskom, Texas when my husband transferred from the Monroe GM plant to the Shreveport GM plant due to the Monroe plant closing its doors.
I was sad to leave my home church, my family, and my friends. A dear friend made me promise to start immediately looking for a new church home. She had a similar experience in distancing herself from the church and the devil used it to keep her out of church for many years. I visited several churches before we joined New Hebron. It was the people that drew us to New Hebron. I could see a real love for the Lord and a real dedication. There was a sweet spirit, biblical teaching, and a place for my children, all of which I was looking for. My daughter Alana was six years old and my son Logan was three. I joined the church and began working in the children’s department.
In 2015 I accepted as position as Children’s Minister. It has been my great joy to share the love of Christ, teach, and minister to the children of New Hebron. It is my prayer that the Lord will use me to do His perfect will as I strive to please Him in all that I do.
May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him.